Happy New Year 2020 !
We're glad to announce a new litter "B" planned in Spring 2020!
Sire: v-ce World Winner, C.I.B., MultiCh., GrandCh. AGGY FOGGY OF PRESSBURGERS´ PAWS
Dam: C.I.B., MultiCh., GrandCh. HARI RUDY UROK
Merry Christmas!
HARI Rudy Urok - Lviv X.2019 - next two CACIBs and completed INTERCHAMPION (C.I.B.) !!!
In nearest future (December/January) we plan next litter of Rhodesians! The mum will become our MultiCh. HARI Rudy Urok. Details will be announced soon!
We encourage to contact with us!
Puppies from our litter "P" found new families ...
We present "farewell" photos ...
The puppies are 6-week-old!
They spend much time in the garden and play a lot ...
Our puppies (litter P) are 3-week-old! All are healthy and grow perfectly!
Our Hari has born 10 puppies! - litter "P". We have 5 standard girls and 5 standard boys; all healthy!
HARI's pregnancy has been confirmed by the USG examination! We expect puppies at the end of May!
We proudly announce a new "P" litter: MultiCH. GrandCH. HARI Rudy Urok & JWW, vWW, C.I.B., MultiCH. GrandCH. Jelany Red Djimbo Farey. We expect puppies in May 2018.
We encourage to reservation of puppies!
We wish a Happy Easter!
Our puppy from T litter - TAJFUN Rudy Urok - has found a new excellent home! Tajfun is healthy, joyful, already goes to a dog school and promises to be a beautiful rhodesian!
We have a puppy!
Now our Ezi (after her first numerous litter) have born only one - nice, healthy boy: TAJFUN Rudy Urok (a new, loving family already awaits him). And good news for all interested in puppies from our kennel ...
We wish you a lot of happiness and all the best in New Year 2018 !
Merry Christmas and a lot of happiness and love wishes Rudy Urok !
OUR NEW LITTER "T" will be born in January 2018 !!!
Meeting of Ezi and Farey
On 11 and 12 November 2017 Farey (C.I.B. JWW viceWW MultiCh. GrandCh. Jelany Red Djimbo Farey) visited our Ezi (C.I.B. MultiCh. GrandCh. Esis Apazo Folwark Zwierzęcy) in Kraków, so we will expect beautiful puppies (planned litter T).
Lvov 21,22 Oct. 2017 - two International Dog Shows "Autumn Lvov" - next achievements of Ezi, Hari, Fokus, and Milena!
Our achievements on abroad dog shows in 2017 - summary of past journey
Summer 2017 - Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria - holidays with dog shows
Year 2016 - travels with dogs
Successes of HARI Rudy Urok on dog shows in Nowy Targ (17.07.2016) and Będzin (30.07.2016)
IX International Dog Show - Kielce, 21-22.11.2015: ESIS APAZO Folwark Zwierzęcy "Ezi", Champion Class - Ex.1, Best Bitch, CACIB, BOS !
Judge: Yolanda Nagler Magal (Israel). Handling: Janusz Morajda.
Visits and travels 2015
Holidays with our dogs at the Baltic seaside
Hari Rudy Urok (4 month) first time at the seaside, with her mum Ezi :)
Our puppies are already 2 month old!
The puppies are already 3 weeks old :) They have made friends with Milena :)
We have puppies !!! We've got 6 girls and 4 boys !!!
All puppies are absolutely healthy, no DS, no kinked tails, no other diseases or health faults. They have beutiful heads and colour. All of them are in perfect condition and fastly increase their weight! We are very happy !!!
Ezi and Agar will become parents !!! The pregnancy (5th week) has been confirmed !!! Puppies will be born in the second half of April :)
The meeting and mating of C.I.B., multiCh., grandCh., BISS Chibale Habeebah of Shingamonga "Agar" and our Ch. Esis Apazo Folwark Zwierzęcy "Ezi" took place on 18-20th Feb.!
We plan a litter in Spring 2015. We encourage to reserve puppies!
Welcome to New Year 2015 at the seaside
We welcomed the New Year 2015 at the seaside (Baltic Sea) in Sarbinowo. There were many opportunities for long walks and runs (for Ezi) :)))
International Dog Show CACIB "Christmas Cup'14" - Vilnius - 21.12.2014 - ESIS APAZO Folwark Zwierzęcy (champion class) - excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB
International Dog Show CACIB "Vilnius Winter'14" - Vilnius - 20.12.2014 - ESIS APAZO Folwark Zwierzęcy (champion class) - excellent 1, CAC, granted title of Lithuania Champion
XXII International Dog Show - Wrocław, 27-28.09.2014